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Let’s face it working outside the house and having kids can sometimes be a complete pain in the butt.  So many moms dream of being able to work from home in order to spend more time with their kids, have no commute and to finally tell their boss “I quit”. I’ve been on a search for a list of work from home jobs and businesses for moms.

Sometimes we can’t just simply let the full-time job go without a plan and we need to be very organized.  The good news is there are some jobs and businesses that most can be started part time until you are able to increase your income and switch to full time. There are also tons of books on the subject. But just so you know none of these is EASY. It’s hard freaking work. So you’ll have to decide if you want to put the time into these careers.  Here is a list of work from home jobs and businesses for moms.


I went round and round between running a physical products business, selling on Amazon and running Facebook Ads for clients.  After all that spinning I came to realize my passion was in being more in control of my hours which is very hard to do with clients.  So I went back to focus on blogging and social media of my own niche blogs like this one.

I’m working on a post that describes my first month of earning $1,000 passive income from my blog.  So yes it is possible.

First, you need a domain.  I recommend Name Cheap they have the best prices and I find their site easy to use.

Second you need a blog theme, I recommed Divi it’s what I use on all my blogs.  You can get the developer plan and actually even have a business helping others create blogs.

Some great free courses to get you started are Suzi’s The Blog Plan and her First Month Blog Plan.


This can be anything from a freelance writer,  to social media marketing, graphic designer, or virtual assistant and tons more. This might be hard to do if you are trying to squeeze it in between juggling a full-time job and kids. Clients might have deadlines and you need to be able to meet them.

Here are a couple great free courses on how to find your freelance writing niche and The #1 Way to Land Your First Job on Upwork by Laura Pennington.


Teachers Pay Teachers – this is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original downloaded materials.  If you have a skill for creating lessons plans you can sell them here.

Virtual Assistant – Grab this guide to learn about the top virtual assistant skills in 2017.

Coaching – Is there a skill you have that you can coach other people. You’ll have to decide if you can put in the hours to chat with clients when they are available. But you can create your schedule so this just might be a great fit.  You can grab these free client packs to get started.

Palfish – This company provides an app you download and get paid to have conversations with non-English speaks.  No experience required and you set your own hourly rate.  The app is available on both apple and Android phones and you get paid twice a month with paypal.

Leapforce – conduct independent at home internet research.  Must enjoy researching various topics.  You have to pass a 3 part evulation exam that tests both your technical and practical understanding of search engine evaluation.  Unfortunately they don’t disclose how much their agents make.

MathElf – Are you a math junky?  Get paid to tutor students in math – you must have an iphone or ipad.  You work in real time with students on an interactive white board.  Earn $20/hour.  The great thing about this is students are all over the world so you can work any time of day.

VoiQ – Work from home as a call agent making calls to people on behalf of companies from your cell phone.  You need to have previous call center experience.  Call Agents make $.30 per minute of call time.  App is available on android or Apple.

isoftstone – hires people with skills in language and technology.  This company has jobs like helpdesk technican, information researcher and translator

Nicetalk – you can work flexible hours and make $10/hr speaking to people who want to practice English.  Must be a native English speaker and applicants with TEFL.TESOL/CELTA certificate or IELTS/TOEFL teaching experience will be preferred.  Can even work on your iphone.

For jobs that require you to speak to people you should consider investing in a headset with microphone to help block out noise.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390, Noise Cancelling Microphone, Headphones for Computer (Black)Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset (JUG-00013)Etekcity Comfortable H5GX Over Ear Stereo Professional Headphones Headsets with Mic, LED Light & Adjustable Headband, for PC & MAC (Black&Red)


Legal Transcriptionist – Attorneys and Court reporters need legal transcriptionists .  This course will provide hands-on learned to get you trained in 6 months.  You can work from home. There are plenty of videos, practice examples, and a support community. You must be willing to work hard.  You will also need to invest in the proper equipment.

General Transcriptionist – With the rise in online business and many online marketers focusing on videos, there is a need to transcribe these videos.

Start your own blog – It’s definitely more rewarding to create your own blog and built it into a business.  You can start slow and work on in the mornings before work, or at lunch on your phone,  and on weekends.  Believe me if you get hit by the blogging bug you will definitely see things to write about all the time!T hen when it start making money, you can use it to replace your current income and blog full-time.  Yay!  If you start blogging with the idea of making it full time income one day you need to treat it as a business from day one.

You can even take a course at Food Blogger Pro which gives you tips on becoming a food blogger. They even have an ebook on 10 mistakes that bloggers make so you can make sure to be a step ahead.

10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make Free eBook

I really enjoy reading Elna Cane’s blogs and she has a course for Freelance Writers to earn $1k.  Her course will teach a new writer to get step-up and succeed at freelance writing.  She is a mom of twins that works from home.

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Sell on Amazon – I’ve done this and I wrote about it here. You can start by finding items around your house to sell. Then move on to selling items you find on clearance at Big Box stores. If you continue to get more serious about making this a business you need to move into sourcing product or creating your own product. Then you can also move into Amazon FBA.

Design and Sell Printables – There is a huge market for printables these days.  You can download graphics and backgrounds from my favorite site Creative Market.  I got a free one for you right here.


Running a mworkathomebusinessesformomsembership site – this can create a reoccurring membership income and it doesn’t require you to be there daily except to provide interaction with your members. You can create an entire membership ahead of time that drip feeds to your customers when they sign up. Then you can spend the bulk of your work hours on marketing and promotion.

Website design – As more people are starting online business website design can be a great idea. As entrepreneurs start building their business often running the business and the website gets super overwhelming.  I recommend Divi as they have a ton of free templates you can use in your business.

Social Media Management – If you love Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter you can develop a business managing other business social media.

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